Aclass/atv4fun provides a limited 6-month warranty on all motorsports products excluding 2 stroke models. All warranty must be handled through us the dealer. All products must be clean before being brought in for repair. All dirty machines will power-washed at your expense ($45). No parts will be exchanged without sufficient proof where the part came from and how it was broken.
Warranty covers following parts only:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Carburetor
  • Shocks/Suspension parts
  • Converter
  • Engine coil
  • Switch
  • Fuel system
  • CDI modules
  • Brake systems

Following is not Covered Under Warranty:

  • Pick up or delivery of warrantied items
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Spark plugs
  • Drive chains
  • Shipping cost for return of defective parts or shipment of replacement parts
  • Plastics, moldings, fairings, or body covers
  • Tires, tubes, wheels, brake shoes/pads
  • Clutch Pads
  • Light bulbs, batteries, remote start/alarm system, chargers, air filters, hoses
  • Problems from lack of professional assembly, lack of regular maintenance, or consumer abuse
  • Any product used for race or commercial events.

It is the customers resposibility to bring all items releated to the defective item/part with them for service.

Oil must be changed after first few hours of use.
Oil for all 110cc-125cc engines is 680ml 10w30
Oil for all 150cc 200cc engines is 1l
add oil slowly checking a few times as you fill
do not overfill oil
Spark plug 110-150 cr7hsa ngk